Damn, Gina!

I’ve been MIA from my little baby blog for almost 5 months! Time flies when you’re miserable.

Nobody ever said this was going to be easy. Big life transitions never are…but DAAMMN! I’m getting my ass kicked like I stole something.

Confusion. Anger. Enough guilt to choke 10 horses. And fear that frequently chases me 700 miles just to crawl into the middle of my mother’s big bed and hide under the covers.</p

Sometimes I think I really suck at this. I’m right. I’m wrong. I’m strong. I’m weak. I’m frantic. I’m calm…I really, really suck at this.

Down…way down. Hopefully not out. We’ll see.


About Felix Jay

I am Felix Jay, and I am gay as hell. Unfortunately, embracing this reality came after a 23-year relationship with a man, which included 12 years of marriage, and two children. This blog follows my journey to live my truth for the first time in my life, without devastating my family and losing my sanity in the process. Fully honest...completely authentic...and finally Felix.
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3 Responses to Damn, Gina!

  1. You are far from alone in this!


  2. hey you! long time no read…i have been mia as well for far too long. working on getting back tho. lots going on… but don't ever think you suck at anything. sometimes it's more about the people you're connecting with, then it is about you. just sayin… chin up 🙂 xo


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