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Digging in The Crates

It’s interesting to look back at my old posts and see where my head was a year ago. This post is from last year around this time, and it still resonates. I can smile because I know I’m in a … Continue reading

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the little tings

I know there are several terms for that coincidental thing that happens when you’re in a certain head space, looking for answers or in need of guidance and support, and suddenly there it is.  Serendipity, destiny, the Law of Attraction…whatever … Continue reading

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smile & endure

From my tiny corner I breathe in small sips of air, not allowing my lungs to draw in more than needed. Taking in the barest essential, nothing more. The walls here squeeze my body into a position that is not … Continue reading

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Monday Musings

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Figuring it out on my own…

There is really no one that I can talk to about this shit. I love my friends and although I seek their opinions on some things, I don’t look to them for advice when it comes to my personal life. … Continue reading

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Tripping Through the Pain Dance

I can see it happening in front of me like a movie. I’m watching it from a distance but am helpless to stop it. I’m anxious, restless, stressed…feeling uncomfortable in and about a situation that I should have dealt with … Continue reading

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