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Why I would not wish this situation on my worst enemy

There is nothing cool or trendy about coming out later in life; especially when you’ve already established a life…complete with children a husband and a stable, settled home. It’s one thing to stand on the edge of a precipice and … Continue reading

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Tripping Through the Pain Dance

I can see it happening in front of me like a movie. I’m watching it from a distance but am helpless to stop it. I’m anxious, restless, stressed…feeling uncomfortable in and about a situation that I should have dealt with … Continue reading

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Floaters & Splashers or "Get back in the boat, stupid!"

This journey of mine has revealed many things that I was not expecting.  Things about myself mostly, but also things about others that came as a surprise. The fact is, no matter how long you know someone, you really never … Continue reading

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Damn, Gina!

I’ve been MIA from my little baby blog for almost 5 months! Time flies when you’re miserable. Nobody ever said this was going to be easy. Big life transitions never are…but DAAMMN! I’m getting my ass kicked like I stole … Continue reading

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