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Sharing a beautiful becoming…

Blessed Love, writes from a place that few of us can. With her pen, she is unflinchingly bold, as fearless and graceful as an assassin. A flourish exposes raw nerve. A gentle stroke reveals blood and gristle. One sentence is a … Continue reading

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"uncorrected" in retrospect

UNCORRECTED How many times can I be wrong? Only months ago, weeks even…perhaps days.  Hours? Lost in feelings for you so deep that I heard love songs in my head non-stop. You took my breath away. Etched your name across … Continue reading

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smile & endure

From my tiny corner I breathe in small sips of air, not allowing my lungs to draw in more than needed. Taking in the barest essential, nothing more. The walls here squeeze my body into a position that is not … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Black & White

My mom was a strong lady. Crazy strong. Like show-no-fear, put-the-world-on-a-leash strong. Or maybe it was just me that was on a leash. It wasn’t that I felt the need to please her. Or maybe I did. I just wanted to … Continue reading

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A Den of Mothers

Blessings, wisdom, and comfort can come from anywhere. I’m learning that more and more on this journey. Here’s an experience I had early last year that really hit that point home. Originally blogged at the amazing Elixher.com, I’m re-posting it … Continue reading

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