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Advice from a half-broken, but not giving up, late-blooming lesbian

My 22-year old daughter looks at me with a mixture of guilt and “but I’m grown and I can do what I want” on her face when I ask her if she was smoking weed on the porch. I don’t … Continue reading

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coming out as lesbian later in life – lightening the load

Part of coming to terms with my sexuality at this stage of my life has been the need to tell certain people what is going on with me. Namely, coming out to the people whose lives will be deeply impacted … Continue reading

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Flashes of Light and Love… Part 2

As I was contemplating how I wanted to tackle the second part of this post, something happened. I received news that someone from my old neighborhood had passed away. She was a vibrant 50-year-old with a caring, open heart and a beautiful … Continue reading

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